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NM1 enjoyer / avid tournament staff
Who am I?
Again, I’m Hoaq. I have been in the community since 2015 and started staffing around 2017 - 2018. Ever since, I’ve been contributed to over 100 tournaments of various scale - from small country-locked tournament to well-known international tournaments.
osu! tournaments experience
A jack-of-all-trade type of staff. You can find me in pretty much every staff role of a tournament, with the exclusion of designing. I was mainly a referee from 2018 to 2020 and slowly trainsitioned to my current favourite role - Streamer (sometimes Commentator). My standout contribution to this role can be seen in 3 Digits World Cup, Charlie’s Perfect Math Class, The Perennial, Australia & New Zealand Tournament and many more.
Since 2021, I’ve been experimenting with making spreadsheets for tournaments. Though I might not be as good as other well-known sheeters, I’m still confident in my sheeting style - minimal but informative.
Other than staffing for international tournaments, you can also find me hosting most of Vietnam’s mainstream tournaments like Vietnam osu! Championship or osu! No Name Tournament, under the provision of Vietnam Community League (think of it as Corsace, but for the Vietnamese community only).